The Company was originally incorporated as Caribou Energy, Inc. in Colorado on October 3, 1978. As of October 1994, the Company changed its name to E.T. Capital, Inc. As of October 1999, the Company changed its name from E.T. Capital, Inc. to, Inc. As of April 2002, with the filing of a Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation, the name was changed to E.T. Corporation. On October 7, 2004, the Company filed a Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation with the Nevada Secretary of State that changed the name of the Company to “ParaFin Corporation.”

Parafin Corp (Ticker Symbol: PFNO) is a holding company built on sound fundamentals. We are excited for its new direction. Please use the link below to access our Investors Relations page. 

These were issued by ING Bank, N.V. dated June 16, 2000 and were entered in official registers and bond directories. This particular bond issue was originally sold to groups in Russia and South America as part of an oil transaction.

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