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Company Name: PARAFIN CORPORATION LLC Nevada Business ID: NV20001321267

The Company was originally incorporated as Caribou Energy, Inc. in Colorado on October 3, 1978. As of October 1994, the Company changed its name to E.T. Capital, Inc. As of October 1999, the Company changed its name from E.T. Capital, Inc. to eCom.com, Inc. As of April 2002, with the filing of a Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation, the name was changed to E.T. Corporation. On October 7, 2004, the Company filed a Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation with the Nevada Secretary of State that changed the name of the Company to “ParaFin Corporation.”

Brief Bio’s Sidney Fowlds President

Born September 21, 1940, married and has two children. Mr. Fowlds attended the University of British Columbia between 1958 and 1963 majoring in Economics and Political Science. In 1967, Mr. Fowlds became an Investment Dealer and worked in all departments of the securities industry, including the floor of the Toronto and Montreal Stock Exchanges. In 1969 Mr. Fowlds was appointed Vice-President of a mining company in British Columbia. A year later he became the largest shareholder and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Fowlds restructured the Company and formed Jordan River Mines Ltd. Mr. Fowlds negotiated financing to place the Company’s copper/gold/silver property situated at Jordan River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada into production. Jordan River Mines, Ltd. had a plant capacity of 1500 tons per day employing in excess of 200 employees. Copper, gold and Silver production from the mine was sold under contracts negotiated by Mr. Fowlds to smelters in both Germany and Japan. In the ’80s, Mr. Fowlds diversified into the oil and gas industry and was Chairman of the Board of several public and private oil and gas companies. As a financial consultant to Companies during this period Mr. Fowlds raised millions of dollars for exploration and development of land parcels in the oil and gas industry in Louisiana, Texas, California and two multi-million acre Government Concessions in Papua New Guinea. In 1989, as a result of the downfall of the world price of oil and gas, Mr. Fowlds changed the direction of the Company to Telecommunications, voice technology and the PC computer industry. The Company developed the E.T. TeleManagement 1 900 and 1 800 and VoiceMail systems, raising more than $5 million for research, development and marketing. From 1996 until the present Mr. Fowlds returned to the Oil & Gas industry. The potential of the hydrocarbon Concessions in Paraguay and other opportunities in the Oil & Gas industry have continued to be the main focus of the Corporation from that time until the present. Mr. Fowlds is a Founder Member of the Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass in Florida and is a strong supporter of golf charities and amateur golf.

The facts regarding the bond issue

These were issued by ING Bank, N.V. dated June 16, 2000 and were entered in official registers and bond directories. This particular bond issue was originally sold to groups in Russia and South America as part of an oil transaction. A total of 54,000 individual bearer bond certificates were issued to the buyers in June, 2000. As a result of subsequent oil purchases in Russia and South America, a portion of the bonds were used as payment and are now owned by other groups and individuals as well as Parafin Corporation.

Beginning in about 2003, ING Bank, N.V., Amsterdam has claimed that fraud may be involved or forgeries of the bonds may be in the market. The securities which were presented to the respective banks in Budapest, Hungary (ING Bank vs. Sebastian Abarlovanto), Hamburg, Germany, Italy, Spain and London were immediately declared as fraudulently obtained and the normal criminal proceedings against those in possession of the Bonds for such cases were initiated by the local authorities at the demand of ING. In all cases, the consequences were dramatic; arrest and pre-trial confinement for the person submitting the bonds and seizure of the securities being presented.

At Barclays Bank in London, ING issued an indemnity Agreement to Mr. Herrera, the Principal, and his lawyer prior to presentation of the ING Bearer Bonds delivered to him by Parafin. ING had the Spanish Department of Justice officials, upon return of the responsible Principal and his lawyer from London to Madrid, arrest the lawyer and the Principal, who both fell under the indemnity Agreement, and had them brought into court.

In all cases where the original securities were presented, the criminal proceedings put into effect were rescinded by the Authorities because the presentation of substantiating evidence by ING did not occur.

In the pre-trial confinement in the Budapest action, after 9 months in jail, the court allowed the Defendant out on bail or the case was suspended. In the Hamburg case and another in Germany, the same results after 6 months. Noteworthy to mention is that employees of ING disputed among themselves over executing a Declaration that would attest to the validity and issuance of the Issue and in fact, such disagreement among the ING ranks, led to a NO Submission and hence the Defendant was released after 6 months in jail. Witnesses to that event are plenty and if called to testify shall do so.

It is known with certainty that ING Bank was not successful with the strategy of confiscating the securities by pointing out “spelling errors” and then incriminating the person submitting them. The reasoning behind the suspensions or conclusion of the ongoing criminal proceedings in accordance with the respective national criminal codes is not known to us at present, suffice it to say that in all cases, ING refused to testify under oath and all parties charged were released and the Bonds returned to their custody.

The bonds which we have in this issue have been examined by Canadian and United States criminal authorities, ICC FraudNet Commercial Crime Services, London, UK, as well as the printing company, De Bussy Ellerman Harms B.V., Amsterdam and a representative of the United States Department of the Treasury, who testified in court in Madrid, Spain, that the United States Department of the Treasury considers that the ING BANK N.V. SERIES FF 5.5% BEARER BONDS are originals and were issued by ING Bank N.V..

All of the above groups concluded that the ING BANK N.V. SERIES FF 5.5% BEARER BONDS are originals and not forgeries.

By claiming that some or all bonds in this issue which are presented to them are forgeries or that fraud could be involved, and threatening with criminal prosecution, ING Bank N.V. could and would save tens of billions of dollars by denying legal bond holders, including Parafin Corporation, the right to redeem.



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